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Interactive_Spectator Class Reference

#include <interactive_spectator.h>

Inheritance diagram for Interactive_Spectator:

Interactive_Base Map_View UI::Panel UI::Object

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Detailed Description

This class shows a game for somebody who is only a spectator.

Right now, it is used for replays, but we should be able to adapt it to implement spectators of network games.

This class provides the UI, runs the game logic, etc.

Definition at line 35 of file interactive_spectator.h.

Public Types

enum  { dfShowCensus = 1, dfShowStatistics = 2, dfDebug = 4 }
enum  {
  pf_handle_mouse = 1, pf_think = 2, pf_top_on_click = 4, pf_die = 8,
  pf_child_die = 16, pf_visible = 32, pf_can_focus = 64, pf_snap_windows_only_when_overlapping = 128,
  pf_dock_windows_to_edges = 256

Public Member Functions

void abort_build_road ()
bool append_build_road (Coords field)
void center_mouse ()
virtual void cleanup_for_load ()
void draw (RenderTarget *dst)
virtual void draw_border (RenderTarget *dst)
Editor_Game_Base & egbase () throw ()
const Editor_Game_Base & egbase () const throw ()
virtual void end ()
void end_modal (int code)
void end_of_game ()
void finish_build_road ()
void fit_inner (Panel *inner)
void focus ()
void free_children ()
uint get_bborder () const
ushort get_border_snap_distance () const
CoordPath * get_build_road ()
Coords get_build_road_end () const throw ()
Direction get_build_road_end_dir () const throw ()
Coords get_build_road_start () const throw ()
bool get_can_focus () const
bool get_display_flag (uint flag)
uint get_display_flags ()
bool get_dock_windows_to_edges () const
const Panel * get_first_child () const
Game * get_game ()
int get_h () const
bool get_handle_mouse () const
int get_inner_h () const
int get_inner_w () const
const Panel * get_last_child () const
uint get_lborder () const
Point get_mouse_position () const throw ()
const Panel * get_next_sibling () const
uchar get_panel_snap_distance () const
Panel * get_parent () const
Playerget_player () const throw ()
const Panel * get_prev_sibling () const
uint get_rborder () const
bool get_sel_freeze () const
const Node_and_Triangle & get_sel_pos () const
uint get_sel_radius () const throw ()
bool get_sel_triangles () const throw ()
bool get_snap_windows_only_when_overlapping () const
uint get_tborder () const
bool get_think () const
bool get_top_on_click () const
Point get_viewpoint () const
bool get_visible () const
int get_w () const
int get_x () const
int get_y () const
void grab_mouse (bool grab)
bool handle_key (bool down, int code, char c)
virtual void handle_mousein (bool inside)
bool handle_mousemove (const Uint8 state, int x, int y, int xdiff, int ydiff)
bool handle_mousepress (const Uint8 btn, int x, int y)
bool handle_mouserelease (const Uint8 btn, int x, int y)
bool has_focus () const
 Interactive_Spectator (Game *)
bool is_building_road () const
bool is_dragging () const
virtual bool is_snap_target () const
virtual void move_inside_parent ()
void move_to_top ()
void move_view_to (const Coords)
void move_view_to_point (Point pos)
void need_complete_redraw ()
virtual void postload ()
virtual void reference_player_tribe (const int, const void *const)
int run ()
void set_border (uint l, uint r, uint t, uint b)
void set_border_snap_distance (const uchar value)
void set_cache (bool enable)
void set_can_focus (bool yes)
void set_display_flag (uint flag, bool on)
void set_display_flags (uint flags)
void set_dock_windows_to_edges (const bool on=true)
void set_handle_mouse (bool yes)
void set_inner_size (uint nw, uint nh)
void set_mouse_pos (const Point)
void set_panel_snap_distance (const uchar value)
void set_pos (const Point)
void set_rel_viewpoint (Point r)
void set_sel_freeze (const bool yes) throw ()
virtual void set_sel_pos (const Node_and_Triangle<>)
void set_sel_radius (const uint n)
void set_sel_triangles (const bool yes) throw ()
void set_size (const uint nw, const uint nh)
void set_snap_windows_only_when_overlapping (const bool on=true)
void set_think (bool yes)
void set_tooltip (const char *const)
void set_top_on_click (bool on)
void set_viewpoint (Point vp)
void set_visible (bool on)
void start ()
void start_build_road (Coords start, int player)
virtual void think ()
const char * tooltip () const throw ()
void track_sel (Point m)
void update (int x, int y, int w, int h)
void update_inner (int x, int y, int w, int h)
void warp_mouse_to_field (Coords c)
 ~Interactive_Spectator ()

Static Public Member Functions

static int get_xres ()
static int get_yres ()

Public Attributes

UI::Signal fieldclicked
bool m_show_workarea_preview
UI::Signal2< int, int > warpview

Static Public Attributes

static const int dying_code = -1

Protected Member Functions

void die ()
virtual void draw_overlay (RenderTarget &)
void hide_minimap ()
Interactive_Baseintbase () const throw ()
bool keyboard_free ()
void mainview_move (int x, int y)
void minimap_warp (int x, int y)
void play_click ()
void set_sel_picture (const char *const)
void toggle_minimap ()
void unset_sel_picture ()

Private Member Functions

void exit_btn ()
void field_action ()

Private Attributes

Internals * m


class Sound_Handler


struct  Internals

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