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 * Copyright (C) 2002-2003, 2006-2007 by the Widelands Development Team
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

#ifndef __S__PLAYER_H
#define __S__PLAYER_H

#include "areawatcher.h"
#include "building.h"
#include "editor_game_base.h"
#include "mapregion.h"
#include "rgbcolor.h"

class Economy;
class FileRead;
class FileWrite;
class Path;
class PlayerImmovable;
class Soldier;
class Flag;
class Tribe_Descr;
class AttackController;

/** class Player
 * What we really need is a Player class that stores e.g. score
 * and diplomacy of a player.
 * These Player classes should be controlled via the cmd queue.
 * Commands are inserted by:
 *  - local player
 *  - network packets
 *  - AI code which is invoked from Game, _not_ from Player
 * So basically the Game knows whether a player is controlled
 * locally, remotely or by AI.
 *                      -- Nicolai
00053 struct Player {
      struct Building_Stats {
            bool is_constructionsite;
            Coords pos;
      typedef std::vector<Building_Stats> Building_Stats_vector;
      typedef std::vector<Building_Stats_vector> BuildingStats;

      friend class Editor_Game_Base;
      friend class Game_Player_Info_Data_Packet;
      friend class Game_Player_Economies_Data_Packet;
      friend struct Widelands_Map_Building_Data_Packet;
      friend struct Widelands_Map_Players_View_Data_Packet;
      friend struct Widelands_Map_Seen_Fields_Data_Packet;

      enum {
            Local = 0,

            (Editor_Game_Base &,
             const int type,
             const Player_Number plnum,
             const Tribe_Descr & tribe,
             const std::string & name,
             const uchar * const playercolor);

      void allocate_map();

      const Editor_Game_Base & egbase() const throw () {return m_egbase;}
      Editor_Game_Base       & egbase()       throw () {return m_egbase;}
            inline int get_type() const {return m_type;}
      Player_Number get_player_number() const throw () {return m_plnum;}
            inline const RGBColor* get_playercolor() const {return m_playercolor;}
      __attribute__ ((deprecated)) const Tribe_Descr * get_tribe() const throw () {return &tribe();}
      const Tribe_Descr & tribe() const throw () {return m_tribe;}

      const std::string & get_name() const throw () {return m_name;}
      void set_name(const std::string & name) {m_name = name;}

      void init(const bool place_headquarters);

      FieldCaps get_buildcaps(const FCoords) const;

      // For cheating
      void set_see_all(bool t) {m_see_all=t; m_view_changed = true;}
      bool see_all() const throw () {return m_see_all;}

      /// Per-player field information.
00107       struct Field {
            Field() :
                  vision            (0)
                  //  Must be initialized because the rendering code is accessing it even
                  //  for triangles that the player does not see (it is the darkening
                  //  that actually hides the ground from the player). This is important
                  //  for worlds where the number of terrain types is not maximal (16),
                  //  so that an uninitialized terrain index could cause a not found
                  //  error in Descr_Maintainer<Terrain_Descr>::get(const Terrain_Index).
                  terrains.d = terrains.r = 0;

                  time_triangle_last_surveyed[0] = Editor_Game_Base::Never();
                  time_triangle_last_surveyed[1] = Editor_Game_Base::Never();

                  //  Initialized for debug purpouses only.
                  map_object_descr[0] = map_object_descr[1] = map_object_descr[2] = 0;

             * Military influence is exerted by buildings with the help of soldiers.
             * When the first soldier enters a building, it starts to exert military
             * influence on the nodes within its conquer radius. When a building
             * starts to exert military influence, it adds influence values to the
             * nodes. When the last soldier leaves the building, it stops to exert
             * military influence. Then the same values are subtracted from the nodes.
             * Adding and subtracting influence values affects land ownership
             * according to certain rules.
             * This is not saved/loaded. It is recalculated during the loading process
             * by adding influence values to the nodes surrounding a building when the
             * first soldier located in it is loaded.
00141             Military_Influence military_influence;
            //  FIXME Change the military influence calculation so that this can be
            //  FIXME 16 bit.

             * Indicates whether the player is currently seeing this node or
             * has ever seen it.
             * The value is
             *  0    if the player has never seen the node
             *  1    if the player does not currently see the node, but has
             *       seen it previously
             *  1+n  if the player currently sees the node, where
             *        n is the number of objects that can see the node.
             * Note a fundamental difference between seeing a node, and having
             * knownledge about resources. A node is considered continuously seen by a
             * player as long as it is within vision range of any person of that
             * player. If something on the node changes, the game engine will inform
             * that player about it. But resource knowledge is not continous. It is
             * instant (given at the time when the geological survey completes) and
             * immediately starts aging. Mining implies geological surveying, so a
             * player will be informed about resource changes that he causes himself
             * by mining.
             * Buildings do not see on their own. Only people can see. But as soon as
             * a person enters a building, the person stops seeing. If it is the only
             * person in the building, the building itself starts to see (some
             * buildings, such as fortresses usually see much further than persons
             * standing on the ground). As soon as a person leaves a building, the
             * person begins to see on its own. If the building becomes empty of
             * people, it stops seeing.
             * Only the Boolean representation of this value (whether the field has
             * ever been seen) is saved/loaded. The complete value is then obtained by
             * the calls to see_node or see_area peformed by all the building and
             * worker objects that can see the node.
             * \note Never change this variable directly. Instead, use the functions
             * \ref see_node and \ref unsee_node or, more conveniently, \ref see_area
             * and \ref unsee_area .
00183             Vision vision;

            //  Below follows information about the field, as far as this player
            //  knows.

             * The terrain types of the 2 triangles, as far as this player knows.
             * Each value is only valid when one of the corner nodes of the triangle
             * has been seen.
00194             ::Field::Terrains terrains;

            Uint8         roads;

             * The owner of this node, as far as this player knows.
             * Only valid when this player has seen this node.
00202             Player_Number owner;

             * The amount of resource at each of the triangles, as far as this player
             * knows.
             * The d component is only valid when
             * time_last_surveyed[0] != Editor_Game_Base::Never().
             * The r component is only valid when
             * time_last_surveyed[1] != Editor_Game_Base::Never().
00212             ::Field::Resource_Amounts resource_amounts;

             * Wether there is a road between this node and the node to the east,
             * as far as this player knows.
             * Only valid when this player has seen this node or the node to the east.
00219             Uint8 road_e() const throw () {return roads & Road_Mask;}

             * Wether there is a road between this node and the node to the southeast,
             * as far as this player knows.
             * Only valid when this player has seen this node or the node to the
             * southeast.
00227             Uint8 road_se() const throw ()
            {return roads >> Road_SouthEast & Road_Mask;}

             * Wether there is a road between this node and the node to the southwest,
             * as far as this player knows.
             * Only valid when this player has seen this node or the node to the
             * southwest.
00236             Uint8 road_sw() const throw ()
            {return roads >> Road_SouthWest & Road_Mask;}

             * The last time when this player surveyed the respective triangle
             * geologically. Indexed by TCoords::TriangleIndex. A geologic survey is a
             * thorough investigation. Therefore it is considered impossible to have
             * knowledge about the resources of a triangle without having knowledge
             * about each of the surrounding nodes:
             *     geologic information about a triangle =>
             *         each neighbouring node has been seen
             * and the contrapositive:
             *     some neighbouring node has never been seen =>
             *         no geologic information about the triangle
             * Is Editor_Game_Base::Never() when never surveyed.
00256             Editor_Game_Base::Time time_triangle_last_surveyed[2];

             * The last time when this player saw this node.
             * Only valid when \ref vision is 1, i.e. the player has previously seen
             * this node but can't see it right now.
             * This value is only for the node.
             * The corresponding value for a triangle between the nodes A, B and C is
             *   max
             *     (time_node_last_unseen for A,
             *      time_node_last_unseen for B,
             *      time_node_last_unseen for C)
             * and is only valid if all of {A, B, C} are currently not seen (i.e. \ref vision <= 1)
             * and at least one of them has been seen at least once (i.e. \ref vision == 1).
             * The corresponding value for an edge between the nodes A and B is
             *   max(time_node_last_unseen for A, time_node_last_unseen for B)
             * and is only valid if all of {A, B} are currently not seen and at
             * least one of them has been seen at least once.
00279             Editor_Game_Base::Time time_node_last_unseen;

             * The type of immovable on this node, as far as this player knows.
             * Only valid when the player has seen this node (or maybe a nearby node
             * if the immovable is big?). (Roads are not stored here.)
00286             const Map_Object_Descr * map_object_descr[3];

            //  Summary of intended layout (not yet fully implemented)
            //                                  32bit arch    64bit arch
            //                                 ============  ============
            //  Identifier                     offset  size  offset  size
            //  =======================        ======  ====  ======  ====
            //  military_influence              0x000  0x10   0x000  0x10
            //  vision                          0x010  0x10   0x010  0x10
            //  terrains                        0x020  0x08   0x020  0x08
            //  roads                           0x028  0x06   0x028  0x06
            //  owner_d                         0x02e  0x05   0x02e  0x05
            //  owner_r                         0x033  0x05   0x033  0x05
            //  resource_amounts                0x038  0x08   0x038  0x08
            //  time_triangle_last_surveyed[0]  0x040  0x20   0x040  0x20
            //  time_triangle_last_surveyed[1]  0x060  0x20   0x060  0x20
            //  time_node_last_unseen           0x080  0x20   0x080  0x20
            //  map_object_descr[0]             0x0a0  0x20   0x0a0  0x40
            //  map_object_descr[1]             0x0c0  0x20   0x0e0  0x40
            //  map_object_descr[2]             0x0e0  0x20   0x120  0x40
            //  <end>                           0x100         0x160

            Field & operator=(const Field &);
            Field            (const Field &);

      const Field * fields() const throw () {return m_fields;}

      // See area
      Vision vision(const Map::Index i) const throw () {
            return m_fields[i].vision;

      bool has_view_changed() {
            bool t = m_view_changed;
            m_view_changed = false;
            return t;

       * Update this player's information about this node and the surrounding
       * triangles and edges. If lasting is true, the vision is incremented so that
       * the node remains seen at least until a corresponding call to unsee_node is
       * made.
      void see_node
            (const Map                  &,
             const ::Field              & first_map_field,
             const FCoords,
             const Editor_Game_Base::Time,
             const bool                   lasting = true)
            throw ();

      /// Decrement this player's vision for a node.
00342       void unsee_node(const Map::Index i, const Editor_Game_Base::Time gametime)
            throw ()
            Field & field = m_fields[i];
            assert(1 < field.vision);
            if (field.vision == 1) field.time_node_last_unseen = gametime;
            assert(1 <= field.vision);

      /// Call see_node for each node in the area.
00353       void see_area(const Area<FCoords> area, const bool lasting = true)
            throw ()
            const Editor_Game_Base::Time gametime = egbase().get_gametime();
            const Map & map = egbase().map();
            const ::Field & first_map_field = map[0];
            MapRegion<Area<FCoords> > mr(map, area);
            do see_node(map, first_map_field, mr.location(), gametime, lasting);
            while (mr.advance(map));
            m_view_changed = true;

      /// Decrement this player's vision for each node in an area.
00366       void unsee_area(const Area<FCoords> area) throw () {
            const Editor_Game_Base::Time gametime = egbase().get_gametime();
            const Map &                  map      = egbase().map         ();
            const ::Field & first_map_field = map[0];
            MapRegion<Area<FCoords> > mr(map, area);
            do unsee_node(mr.location().field - &first_map_field, gametime);
            while (mr.advance(map));
            m_view_changed = true;

      Military_Influence & military_influence(const Map::Index i) throw ()
      {return m_fields[i].military_influence;}

      // Allowed buildings
      bool is_building_allowed(const Building_Descr::Index i) const throw () {
            return m_allowed_buildings[i];
      void allow_building(int i, bool t);

      // Player commands
      // Only to be called indirectly via CmdQueue
      void build_flag(Coords c);
      void build_road(const Path & path);
      void build(Coords c, int idx);
      void bulldoze(PlayerImmovable* imm);
      void flagaction(Flag* flag, int action);
      void start_stop_building(PlayerImmovable* imm);
      void enhance_building
            (Building *, Building_Descr::Index index_of_new_building);

      // Economy stuff
      void add_economy(Economy*);
      void remove_economy(Economy*);
      bool has_economy(Economy * const) const throw ();
      std::vector<Economy *>::size_type get_economy_number(Economy * const) const
            throw (); //  for savegames
      Economy * get_economy_by_number(const std::vector<Economy *>::size_type i)
            const //  for loading
      {return m_economies[i];}
      uint get_nr_economies() const {return m_economies.size();}

      // Military stuff
      void drop_soldier(PlayerImmovable* imm, Soldier* worker);
      void change_soldier_capacity (PlayerImmovable*, int val);
      void change_training_options(PlayerImmovable* imm, int atr, int val);
            // Launch an attack
      void enemyflagaction(Flag* flag, int action, int param, int param2, int param3);

      AreaWatcher & add_areawatcher(const Player_Area<> player_area) {
            assert(player_area.player_number == get_player_number());
                   (egbase().map().get_fcoords(player_area), player_area.radius));
            AreaWatcher & result = AreaWatcher::create(egbase(), player_area);
            return result;

      void remove_areawatcher(AreaWatcher & areawatcher) {
                   (egbase().map().get_fcoords(areawatcher), areawatcher.radius));

      typedef std::set<Object_Ptr> AreaWatchers;
      const AreaWatchers & areawatchers() const throw () {return m_areawatchers;}

      // Statistics
      const Building_Stats_vector & get_building_statistics(const int i) const {
            return m_building_stats[i];
      const std::vector<uint> * get_ware_production_statistics(const int ware) const;

      void ReadStatistics(FileRead& fr, uint version);
      void WriteStatistics(FileWrite& fw);
      void sample_statistics();
      void ware_produced(uint id);
      void next_ware_production_period();
      void gain_immovable(PlayerImmovable*);
      void lose_immovable(PlayerImmovable*);

       * Called when a node becomes seen (not only the first time) before the
       * vision counter is incremented. Discovers the node and those of the 6
       * surrounding edges/triangles that are not seen fron another node.
      void discover_node(const Map &, const ::Field &, const FCoords, Field &)
            throw ();

      AreaWatchers           m_areawatchers;

      bool m_see_all;
      Editor_Game_Base&      m_egbase;
      bool                   m_view_changed;
      int                    m_type;
      const Player_Number    m_plnum;
      const Tribe_Descr&     m_tribe; // buildings, wares, workers, sciences
      RGBColor               m_playercolor[4];

      Field *               m_fields;
      std::vector<bool>     m_allowed_buildings;
      std::vector<Economy*> m_economies;
      std::string           m_name; // Player name

      std::vector<uint> m_current_statistics;
      std::vector< std::vector<uint> > m_ware_productions;
      BuildingStats m_building_stats;


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