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 * Copyright (C) 2002-2004, 2006-2007 by the Widelands Development Team
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

#ifndef __S__WORKER_H
#define __S__WORKER_H

#include "idleworkersupply.h"
#include "worker_descr.h"

 * Worker is the base class for all humans (and actually potential non-humans,
 * too) that belong to a tribe.
 * Every worker can carry one (item) ware.
 * Workers can be in one of the following meta states:
 *  - Request: the worker is walking to his job somewhere
 *  - Idle: the worker is at his job but idling
 *  - Work: the worker is running his working schedule
00038 class Worker : public Bob {
      friend class Soldier; //  allow access to m_supply
      friend class WorkerProgram;
      friend class Widelands_Map_Bobdata_Data_Packet; // Writes this to disk


      struct Action {
            typedef bool (Worker::*execute_t)(Game* g, Bob::State* state,
                                              const Action* act);

            enum {
                  walkObject, //  walk to objvar1
                  walkCoords, //  walk to coords

            execute_t                function;
            int                      iparam1;
            int                      iparam2;
            std::string              sparam1;

            std::vector<std::string> sparamv;

            Worker(const Worker_Descr &);
            virtual ~Worker();

            virtual Worker_Descr::Worker_Type get_worker_type() const throw ()
                        {return descr().get_worker_type();}
            virtual Bob::Type get_bob_type() const throw () {return Bob::WORKER;}

            uint get_animation(const char * const str) const
                        {return descr().get_animation(str);}
            uint get_menu_pic() const throw () {return descr().get_menu_pic();}
            const char* get_becomes() const throw() {return descr().get_becomes ();}
            const Tribe_Descr * get_tribe() const throw ()
                        {return descr().get_tribe();}
            const std::string & descname() const throw ()
                        {return descr().descname();}

            virtual uint get_movecaps() const throw ();

            PlayerImmovable * get_location(Editor_Game_Base * egbase)
            {return reinterpret_cast<PlayerImmovable *>(m_location.get(egbase));}
      Economy * get_economy() const throw () {return m_economy;}

            void set_location(PlayerImmovable *location);
            void set_economy(Economy *economy);

            WareInstance * get_carried_item(Editor_Game_Base * egbase)
            {return reinterpret_cast<WareInstance *>(m_carried_item.get(egbase));}
            const WareInstance * get_carried_item(const Editor_Game_Base * game) const
            {return reinterpret_cast<const WareInstance *>(m_carried_item.get(game));}
            void set_carried_item(Game* g, WareInstance* item);
            WareInstance* fetch_carried_item(Game* g);

            void schedule_incorporate(Game *g);
            void incorporate(Game *g);

            virtual void init(Editor_Game_Base *g);
            virtual void cleanup(Editor_Game_Base *g);

            bool wakeup_flag_capacity(Game* g, Flag* flag);
            bool wakeup_leave_building(Game* g, Building* building);

            // For leveling
            void level(Game*);
            void create_needed_experience(Game*);
            // For leveling
            void gain_experience(Game*);
            int get_needed_experience() const {return m_needed_exp;}
            int get_current_experience() const {return m_current_exp;}

            // debug
            void log_general_info(Editor_Game_Base*);

            // worker-specific tasks
            void start_task_transfer(Game* g, Transfer* t);
            void cancel_task_transfer(Game* g);

            void start_task_buildingwork();
            void update_task_buildingwork(Game* g);

            void start_task_return(Game* g, bool dropitem);
            void start_task_program(const std::string & programname);

            virtual void start_task_gowarehouse();
            void start_task_dropoff(Game* g, WareInstance* item);
            void start_task_fetchfromflag();

            bool start_task_waitforcapacity(Game* g, Flag* flag);
            void start_task_leavebuilding(Game* g, bool changelocation);
            void start_task_fugitive(Game* g);

            void start_task_geologist(const int attempts, const int radius,
                                                  const std::string & subcommand);

            void draw_inner(const Editor_Game_Base &, RenderTarget &,
                            const Point) const;
            virtual void draw(const Editor_Game_Base &, RenderTarget &,
                              const Point) const;
            virtual void init_auto_task(Game* g);

            inline bool does_carry_ware() {return m_carried_item.is_set();}

00147             static Task taskTransfer;
00148             static Task taskBuildingwork;
00149             static Task taskReturn;
00150             static Task taskProgram;
            static Task taskGowarehouse;
            static Task taskDropoff;
00153             static Task taskFetchfromflag;
00154             static Task taskWaitforcapacity;
00155             static Task taskLeavebuilding;
00156             static Task taskFugitive;
00157             static Task taskGeologist;

            // task details
            void transfer_update(Game* g, State* state);
            void transfer_signal(Game* g, State* state);
            void transfer_mask(Game* g, State* state);

            void buildingwork_update(Game* g, State* state);
            void buildingwork_signal(Game* g, State* state);

            void return_update(Game* g, State* state);
            void return_signal(Game* g, State* state);

            void program_update(Game* g, State* state);
            void program_signal(Game* g, State* state);

            void gowarehouse_update(Game* g, State* state);
            void gowarehouse_signal(Game* g, State* state);

            void dropoff_update(Game* g, State* state);

            void fetchfromflag_update(Game* g, State* state);

            void waitforcapacity_update(Game* g, State* state);
            void waitforcapacity_signal(Game* g, State* state);

            void leavebuilding_update(Game* g, State* state);
            void leavebuilding_signal(Game* g, State* state);

            void fugitive_update(Game* g, State* state);
            void fugitive_signal(Game* g, State* state);

            void geologist_update(Game* g, State* state);

            // Program commands
            bool run_mine(Game* g, State* state, const Action* act);
            bool run_createitem(Game* g, State* state, const Action* act);
            bool run_setdescription(Game* g, State* state, const Action* act);
            bool run_setbobdescription(Game* g, State* state, const Action* act);
            bool run_findobject(Game* g, State* state, const Action* act);
            bool run_findspace(Game* g, State* state, const Action* act);
            bool run_findresource(Game* g, State* state, const Action* act);
            bool run_walk(Game* g, State* state, const Action* act);
            bool run_animation(Game* g, State* state, const Action* act);
            bool run_return(Game* g, State* state, const Action* act);
            bool run_object(Game* g, State* state, const Action* act);
            bool run_plant(Game* g, State* state, const Action* act);
            bool run_create_bob(Game* g, State* state, const Action* act);
            bool run_removeobject(Game* g, State* state, const Action* act);
            bool run_geologist(Game* g, State* state, const Action* act);
            bool run_geologist_find(Game* g, State* state, const Action* act);
            bool run_playFX(Game* g, State* state, const Action* act);

00212             Object_Ptr         m_location;     ///< meta location of the worker, a PlayerImmovable
00213             Economy          * m_economy;      ///< economy this worker is registered in
00214             Object_Ptr         m_carried_item; ///< item we are carrying
00215             IdleWorkerSupply * m_supply;       ///< supply while gowarehouse and not transfer
00216             int                m_needed_exp;   ///< experience for next level
00217             int                m_current_exp;  ///< current experience

#endif // __S__WORKER_H

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